How to activate SerialMagic Gears (Android)

If you haven’t already, download the SerialMagic Gears from or the Google Play Store and launch it. Open the sidebar menu and tap on Registration. Here your hardware ID is referred to as “Device ID.” Copy (or write down) the ID value and provide it to the Serialio representative you are working with. We’ll use your hardware ID to generate a license key unique to your device. Paste (or type in) this license key into the field beneath Registration Key and tap Register. Looking for how to activate SerialMagic Professional for

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SerialMagic API Overview for Android

This page outlines the SerialMagic engine API interface on Android. The SerialMagic engine API provides a way to use and interact with barcode and RFID scanners. On Android, the SerialMagic API is provided using SerialMagic Gears and Android Intents.  Download the SerialMagic Gears Android. View SerialMagic Gears on Android setup and use-case example. API Android project and source files.

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SerialMagic Gears API Use-Case Example: Using the Scanfob 2006 in Bluetooth SPP Mode to Scan into Any Application

This article demonstrates some of the capabilities of the SerialMagic Gears application (as well as the SerialMagic API for Android). For this demonstration, we will be using a Scanfob 2006 Bluetooth barcode scanner in Bluetooth SPP mode and a Samsung Note8 running Android 8.1.  Table of contents Preparation Quick Setup Connection Quick Setup Settings Device Specific Settings Common Device Settings Common App Settings Quick Setup Finish Wizard SerialMagic Keys Preparation Install SerialMagic Gears (click here to download).  Configure the Scanfob 2006 for SPP mode by scanning the “Bluetooth SPP” control code from

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