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What is stratus-io?

stratus-io is hybrid mobile solution for iOS and Android. Collect and validate smart badge scans from any mobile device. Track and manage people data without pen and paper. Take attendance, manage events, track usage or time, check out equipment, get a quick headcount during an emergency.


stratus-io has many tools that allow it to be customizable to match the current format of any system you’re currently using. Several integrations are also available. Contact us to find out if stratus-io integrates with your system.

Yes! stratus-io utilizes our home-grown device manager and allows you to use badge readers, like our idChamp® products, to scan badges for any use case.

stratus-io supports many different methods of check-in. Manual check-in via a name/unique ID search is supported, but we can also help generate badges or employees/students can download our credential application, stratus-io: remote check-in, on iOS or Android.

Logging into with your organizations admin account will allow you to see all of your data in real-time. Reporting formats can be customized and reports can be automatically generated and sent out. Also, you can manually export your data at anytime.