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Cloud-In-Hand Solutions account for a number of different mobile software solutions that assist companies in asset tracking, personnel management, and other data collection needs. Our solutions utilize the Serialio Device Manager (SDM) to connect with many different types of hardware like barcode/QR scanners, RFID scanners, data sensors, and more. Workflows are highly customizable. Contact us for more information.

Serial Device Manager (SDM) (sometimes referred to as “device manager”). The Serial Device Manager is a Software Developer Library providing applications for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS providing 3rd party apps to connect to and manage multiple wireless, Bluetooth, and cabled devices. Most of the time, when you see “SDM” in the documentation. The user interface for the SDM on Android is different from the user interface on iOS, but both implementations of the SDM offer similar core features.


Interested in our SDM? Click here for our libraries.

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