iScanBrowser Increases UHF EPC RFID Tag Post Efficiency 10x

UHF-RFID readers typically scan EPC tags very fast. Suppose you have a website and want to expedite EPC read processing. The UHF reader will typically return each EPC code as single transaction thereby requiring a website submit transaction for every EPC. This process is inefficient as typical HTTP submit can easily take 0.5 seconds.►Powerful iScanBrowser controls “Merge tags data” and “Merge tags data separator” provide capability for a single web submit transaction to contain many EPC tag values read by the UHF reader (separated by character of choice, like COMMA,

Virtually Eliminate Manual Entry Errors & Improve Speed – Fast ROI

Accuracy in data entry could be one of the most important tasks anyone does within a business. Data drives sales, marketing decisions, accounting, and basically every aspect of your everyday job. In an AIIM study in 2014, 68% of businesses believed that “business-at-the-speed-of-paper” is unacceptable and almost half stated that removing paper from most of their business processes has been the single, most effective improvement to productivity. Even though data entry is of the utmost importance, many businesses are still manually entering data. However, this opens companies up to problems.

Click. Click. Click.: iScanBrowser Web Form Rules with Buttons

Click. Click. Click. Click.The infamous sound of a button being pressed.A big part of our lives is spent doing this monotonous task in our personal and work lives.Whether it be surfing channels on tv, typing reports, scanning barcodes, or pressing the snooze button on your alarm, we spend a lot of time pressing buttons.iScanBrowser’s now has a new Web Form Rule that allows you to automate this process. Check out this simple solution! iScanBrowser Web Form Rules iScanBrowser has always enabled your workforce to use web applications with other Bluetooth

SDM Library Available for Ionic Framework – Android

Serial Device Manager (SDM) Library is now Available for the Ionic Framework when running on Android. Ionic framework builds on top of Cordova. Apache Cordova packages an HTML5 app as a native app. This app then runs on the native platform such as Android. SDM Library now allows Ionic apps to communicate with RFID, NFC, Barcode scanners, scales, sensors. Using SDM, Ionic apps can easily connect to Scanfob® brand scanners, idChamp® brand scanners, BlueSnap wireless RS232 devices, and more.

iScanBrowser Web Form Rules (WFR) Download from Mobile Cloud

iScanBrowser supports downloading Web Form Rules (WFR) from Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Cloud account making WFR distribution fast and easy. Faster than using WFR wizard, and eliminates need for tedious WFR manual entry. Contact solutions advisor for details.

Stay on Time: Custom Timeclock Management Solution with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Grid

Any business will tell you that they want their employees to be productive.This usually means that employees need to be on time to work and allocate their working hours correctly.But how can HR track all of that data?Timeclock Management is a problem that every business faces. Check out this simple solution! Cloud-in-Hand® Timeclock Management Solution Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Solution is a scalable platform that is tailored to improve your business workflow.The Timeclock Management solution is one of the many solutions that are provided with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Solution Platform.This simple solution allows

Automatic Button Tap After RFID-NFC Scan With iScanBrowser WFR

Suppose you want to automatically click a button on a webpage after scanning an RFID-NFC tag, barcode scan, scale reading, or some sensor measurement being posted to a field on the page. iScanBrowser Web Form Rules (WFR) technology has provided this feature since the days of the iPhone 3. It’s now easier to setup this feature with an updated WFR wizard allowing the target button to be simply tapped during the WFR setup.

Tru-Test SRS2/XRS2 Stick Reader Support in SDM

Serial Device Manager (SDM) now supports Tru-Test SRS2/XRS2 Stick Reader. Use Tru-Test RFID readers with iOS and Android apps like SerialMagic Keys, iScanBrowser, and Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, or use the SDM in your own 3rd party apps. With SerialMagic Keys Tru-Test reader can post RFID tag reads as keystrokes to all iOS & Android apps e.g. like FileMaker Go.

Easy as 1-2-3: Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid LLRP for Asset Tracking

Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Price check on register 14.I was never a person that was good at waiting in lines, especially when I’m in a hurry.What if there was a way to scan all of my goods at one time?Well, that would probably be a very powerful scanner.What if it scans someone else’s cart with mine?What if we could filter out just my cart and scan it in a second?Those who use RFID for asset tracking probably feel the same way.Well, Serialio can make that possible. Introducing Cloud-in-Hand Mobile Grid

Increase ROI: Using the idChamp® RS3 in Multiple Ways

Living 15 years ago was way more expensive than today.We had to have a device for every different function we needed.Well gone are the days of cargo pants filled with phones, ipods, and loose change. Introducing the idChamp® RS3 Reader! The idChamp® RS3 NFC Reader is the One-for-All Solution The idChamp® RS3 Reader is the most versatile mobile Bluetooth reader on the market.Being able to read over 60 different card types, the RS3 provides enormous employee & personnel management utility to any workspace.The lightweight and portable idChamp® RS3 Reader allows

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