Driver Downloads

Download drivers for: Windows SerialMagic Keys UWP (Microsoft Store version). Win10 Build 1809 and later and Win 11.

Scanfob brand barcode scanners (like the Scanfob 2006/3002i/4000 and KeyBatch BR2), BlueSnap and WiSnap adapters, Tertium RFID scanner drivers (like the ICEKEY and Ultra PD1), and RS232 to USB adapter cable drivers.

SerialMagic Keys UWP - ZIP of EXE Installer

SerialMagic Keys UWP - EXE Installer

Scanfob, KeyBatch, BatchMagic drivers Windows

BlueSnap USB M6, idChamp NF4x Cabled

USB to RS232 adapter drivers for Windows

USB to RS232 adapter drivers for Mac

Ultra PD1 and ICEKEY drivers

Windows drivers U5202 etc.