Driver Downloads

Download drivers for: Windows SerialMagic Keys UWP (Microsoft Store version). Win10 Build 1809 and later and Win 11.

Scanfob brand barcode scanners (like the Scanfob 2006/3002i/4000 and KeyBatch BR2), BlueSnap and WiSnap adapters, Tertium RFID scanner drivers (like the ICEKEY and Ultra PD1), and RS232 to USB adapter cable drivers.

SerialMagic Keys UWP - ZIP of EXE Installer

SerialMagic Keys UWP - EXE Installer

Scanfob, KeyBatch, BatchMagic drivers Windows

BlueSnap USB M6, idChamp NF4x Cabled

USB to RS232 adapter drivers for Windows

USB to RS232 adapter drivers for Mac

SDM TCP-IP Device Server With Client Sample

Windows drivers Scanfob® Ultra-RE40e on cable, idChamp® U5202 etc.