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Every since I was young, I always though about the idea of having a clone of myself.
I could send my clone to school while I played video games all day.
And now that I am grown up, my problems have only multiplied.
Businesses everywhere face multiple problems on a daily basis.
One is taking attendance of who and where people are.

But, how can we solve the same attendance problem that we face at multiple fronts?

An integrated solution is what we need.


In the land of dinosaurs, there existed the home telephone.
The home telephone had a long wire and was normally connected to the wall right outside the kitchen.
Not only was it very inconvenient, it became out-dated.
The era of wireless is here.

But why are you still using big clunky wires to collect DEX Data?

Lucky for you, there is a solution.


This past weekend, I went to my local grocery store to quickly buy breadcrumbs in hopes of filling my stomach with deep-fried shrimp.
However, it was SuperBowl weekend.
I soon found myself standing in a long line for the under 15 items scanner holding A bag of breadcrumbs.
As I was standing there moving a centimeter per minute, I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if there was a scanner that you could just push your cart through and have everything scanned.

Using handheld scanners in business can feel the same way.