Best iPad Check-in Kiosk Fast, Easy, Flexible

Looking for the Best iPad Check-in Kiosk Are you looking for the best iPad check-in kiosk? With stratus-io Time & Attendance you have fast, easy-to-use and flexible check-in solutions. First, you can use your iPad (or iPhone). Second, if you prefer Android tablets or phones, this also works. Finally, you may have Windows tablets or PCs you want to use, no problem. Stratus-io Time & Attendance gives you kiosk and mobile modes. Use Current Employee Badges Use idChamp® and Scanfob® brand RFID-NFC readers with your organization’s current employee badges. No

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iPad Visitor Badge Printing and Check-in

Badge Printing Is Needed You may not think of badges when you first thing of visitor management. Visitor and guest badge printing is often overlooked but you quickly find its crucial need. For the security of your organization proper badging is needed. Use  iPad visitor badge printing to quickly identify your guests. Here we show check-in using Brother QL-820NWB Professional, Ultra Flexible Label Printer. First you create badges quickly on-the-fly at your check-in station. Alternately, print badges out ahead of time with all of the required information for your visitors.

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Emergency Headcount for Employees, Students, & more

Emergency event participants use stratus-io: Remote Check-In application to check-in from anywhere. Ensures fast, easy and accurate emergency headcounts. People check-in using their mobile phones or tablets. Many more check-in methods are also supported. During the emergency, your organization people themselves safe with a tap and allow emergency captains to know who is and isn’t accounted for. GPS coordinates are sent with check-ins to allow emergency captains to see where everyone is checking in from. stratus-io: Remote Check-In is equipped with a secure 2D barcode (QR Code) for check-in with

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iPhone RFID Badge Check-In

iPhone 11 now supports reading RFID employee access badge CSN (Card Serial Number) – aka UID (Unit ID) – NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) from an NFC chip. has supported this feature since Apple’s update. This option along with unmatched number of methods to read RFID & NFC tag values have been provided since 2009. Finally you will do iPhone RFID Badge Check-In with the built-in iPhone NFC reader. What is Core NFC? Core NFC is Apple’s built-in NFC functionality in iPhones. Core NFC’s significant update with the release of

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CLOUD-IN-HAND stratus-io Time and Attendance

CLOUD-IN-HANDTM CLOUD-IN-HAND brand stratus-io Time and Attendance provides both downloadable and online solution components. Designed from the ground up to accommodate operation while offline and online. The downloadable component of the software on the mobile device provides option for spreadsheet like view attendance information reports. Reports are also available using browser online. Download Cloud-In-Hand Brand App Solutions CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io Time and Attendance. Android, iOS, and Windows apps. These apps provide spreadsheet and database management features for business and technology solutions. They also synchronize with the cloud

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Railroad Car Inspection No-Tamper Port Seals

Why railroad car inspection of port seals is important First, railroad cars are used to ship food grade products such as grain. Second, the integrity of a railroad car’s contents is paramount for health and safety. Third, strict compliance guidelines are in place to insure the contents of the railroad car are not tampered in transit. Finally, Railroad railroad car inspection of seal ports is critical for safe transport of food grade products. The solution you see here has been used by multiple grain companies moving food-grade wheat for processing

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