Check-in Using A Smartphone Wallet Secure Credential

How to use secure credential stored in smartphone wallet to check-in?

Use unique credential stored in smartphone wallets (e.g. google pay) for event checkin, for restricted access checkin, controlled equipment use, emergency mustering and other solutions requiring secure credential like employee badge, or membership access.
Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io Time & Attendance with idChamp® family, model NF4 badge reader makes it easy to use smartphone credential, and supports virtually every physical credential type like PROX, iCLASS, Seos, etc. for a single solution supporting multiple credential types simultaneously.

Simply hold the smartphone to the NF4 badge reader, and the unique credential is securely read by the NF4 and the person is checked-in to the event active in the stratus-io Time and Attendance app.

Check-in employees for your business and get reporting?