Smartphone Wallet Attendance Check-in

Why Smartphone Wallet Attendance Check-in

idChamp RS4x Apple Wallet Credential Apple Watch Check-in Smartphone Wallet Attendance Check-inYou do smartphone wallet attendance check-in with secure credential stored in smartphone’s wallet. Your credential is stored in your Apple Wallet when you have an iPhone. You check-in to your meeting or event using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Your unique credential is securely stored in the smartphone wallet then you don’t carry your physical employee badge to check-in. Check-in for your meeting, class, and membership, use for tool and equipment check-out, everything your badge can do, your phone can do with soft credential stored in the smartphone wallet. When there is an emergency, your rally point captains can mustering you using your phone and watch. 

Use Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io Time & Attendance with the idChamp® family credential/badge readers. For example the idChamp RS4x is the worlds first Apple Wallet Certified soft credential badge reader. One idChamp RFID-NFC-Credential reader does it all. Read every physical credential type like PROX, ioProx, iCLASS, Seos, DesFire, etc. and read smartphone stored credentials simultaneously. You use only one reader and scan all badge types.


You hold your smartphone to the idChamp badge reader, and the unique credential is securely read by the idChamp reader.  People are is checked-in to the event active in the stratus-io Time and Attendance app.

Contact us today and check-in employees or students for your business or school with smartphone wallet attendance check-in