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Mobile Order iPad Streamlines Wholesale Distribution for Imports

For over 40 years we at Molisana Imports have been successful delivering streamlined wholesale distribution of Italian brand imports to our customers in Canada. Our Molisana team achieves this using an array of expertise along with owned and partner warehouses and logistical capabilities. In addition, we efficiently manage the demands of suppliers, retailers and most importantly our consumers. One of our key goals is providing the best service and product availability at a competitive price nationally.

About our Sales Team

Molisana Imports has field sales representatives throughout Canada servicing many retailers. We have over 500 SKUs in the Molisana portfolio, a store level grocery manager contends with thousands of stocking units (SKUs). Obviously, for efficient for optimized wholesale distribution, our sales visits must be highly focused.

Why Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Order?

The implementation and customization of Mobile Order software has been instrumental in optimizing our sales visits. Mobile Order displays relevant information clearly and concisely to our sales representatives and clients. Having item availability, price, images, featured and promotional pricing conveniently displayed, gives our sales people a distinct advantage. Furthermore, our sales team can quickly provide the best value options for the customers to choose. When our sales person selects an item, a high resolution image is shown on the iPad. Since images are updated in sync with our online catalog Image accuracy for items is insured. Seemingly obvious, but many modern ordering apps overlook the item prompt. Highly user friendly item prompts gives our team concise and fast selection of quantity and special pricing. 

An instrumental advantage with using Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Order, is our sales representatives can complete an order when the iPad is offline or online. Far too often areas of poor network connectivity exist in many locations. Of key importance, network buffering and network downtime don’t affect us on a sales call. We’ve tried other mobile ordering options that require constant network connectivity. Unfortunately, apps requiring network connection can quickly put-off store staff and certainly lead to an ineffective sales calls. Our sales reps never have a location where they can’t immediately access items due to unavailable network connection.

Our sales representatives store visits

First, we appreciate how the keyfob sized wireless barcode scanners save our sales representatives time and shorten visits. Our team scans items onto the order in record time. The convenient Scanfob® brand wireless barcode scanner is fast, accurate & convenient. Additionally, we appreciate the thoughtful design when a scanner is unavailable. The quick and intuitive search fields and filters provide us excellent efficiency during order placement. We’ve been filling orders quickly and accurately with Mobile Order for over 10 years, providing tens of thousands of line items for our customers each month.

Our team has enjoyed working with the Serialio team. The relationship has been very productive as their turnaround time is unreal; typically next day or within weeks on our complex tasks. Never have we given them a request that they have been unable to deliver, regardless of the difficulty.

Our company recently upgraded to a new ERP system (Netsuite). We were thrilled how quickly the Serialio team provided us the tools to continue working with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Order in the Netsuite environment. Our choice was to keep using Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Order. It has worked for us for over 14 years, and is a superior solution to the ordering app option provided by Netsuite. Our field representatives had no interruptions. We continue to add features that our previous ERP would not allow, providing us continued success in our efficient wholesale distribution process.

Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order iPad – Since 2011