What do I need to do to receive remote support?

If you require remote assistance from a Serialio technician, follow these instructions. Important—Downloading and installing Splashtop SOS alone is not enough to receive remote assistance. You must contact Serialio and explain the problem you are experiencing first. If you have not already done so, visit our help desk by clicking on the link below. Note that the Splashtop SOS for iOS is limited to viewing only and Android devices require a few extra steps to allow remote control. Submit a ticket 1. Download the Splashtop SOS application for your device, specifically

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No Tap Check-in with RFID

How No Tap Check-in Works with UHF-RFID Use Cloud-In-Hand® stratus-io Time & Attendance to do no tap check-in with RFID. You instantly see the person who’s checking in on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or Windows 11 PC. Use your standard sized employee badge with UHF-RFID or get more distance with a larger badge or enhanced reader. You use the idChamp Ultra-5109 reader model shown in the video below, your people easily check-in from a distance from 6 feet (2 meters). You want closer check-in for security or other reasons? No problem,

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Automate RFID Data Capture

Automate RFID Data Capture With iScanBrowser You use iScanBrowser to automate RFID data capture and increase efficiency. Are you tired of the infamous tap, tap, tap sound when entering data? You spend too much of your life doing the constant and boring tapping to enter data. Also, you collect data from barcode scanners, scales, sensors, calipers and more. iScanBrowser Web Form Rules (WFR) Technology Your iPhone 3 was the hot ticket item in 2007 and iScanBrowser was speeding  data input. Likely, you don’t know this, now you know. Begin your

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CLOUD-IN-HAND stratus-io Time and Attendance

CLOUD-IN-HANDTM CLOUD-IN-HAND brand stratus-io Time and Attendance provides both downloadable and online solution components. Designed from the ground up to accommodate operation while offline and online. The downloadable component of the software on the mobile device provides option for spreadsheet like view attendance information reports. Reports are also available using browser online. Download Cloud-In-Hand Brand App Solutions CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io Time and Attendance. Android, iOS, and Windows apps. These apps provide spreadsheet and database management features for business and technology solutions. They also synchronize with the cloud

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Railroad Car Port Seal Inspection

Why is railroad car port seal inspection important? Railroad cars are used to ship food grade products such as grain. The integrity of a railroad car’s contents is paramount for health and safety. Strict compliance guidelines are in place to insure the contents of the railroad car are not tampered in transit. Railroad car seal inspection is critical for safe transport of food grade products. This solution has been in use by a major wheat grower since 2013. What is Inspect Railroad Car (iRRC) Inspect RRC (iRRC) is iOS app

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