What is Java SerialPort?

SerialPort is the world’s first, and still foremost Java product for serial ports. SerialPort provides highly flexible control of serial ports from your Java application. SerialPort is a high-performance class that also provides low-level serial port control. If your device plugs into a serial port—on or off the Internet—it is almost certain that you can use SerialPort to communicate with it.

SerialPort is visionary, shipping over a full year before Sun Microsystems announced the first beta of javax.comm.SerialPort. The SerialPort package also provides javax.comm.SerialPort on more platforms than any company in the world.

And last, but not least—SerialPort provides by far the most cost-effective solution you will find for using Java to control the serial ports for virtually any Java application. You can use serial ports on existing hardware, or plug in USB adaptors, or use serial ports via a LAN or wireless LAN (WAN) connection with devices such as the DevMaster.