How to Use Your Scanner with Android in Bluetooth HID Mode


How to Use Your Scanner with Android in Bluetooth HID Mode

If you have been using your Bluetooth scanner in SPP mode (using SerialMagic Gears), you will need to unpair your scanner from both SerialMagic Gears AND your Android Bluetooth settings before proceeding.

1. Once unpaired from the SerialMagic Gears application and your Android Bluetooth settings, scan the Bluetooth-HID barcode from your Quick Start Guide that came with your scanner.

2. Next, make your scanner discoverable and connectable. You can do this by holding down the small button on your Scanfob® brand barcode scanner or by scanning the "Make Discoverable & Connectable" barcode from your Quick Start Guide. Your scanner should be flashing a blue LED.

3. Access your Android's Bluetooth settings. Once you see your scanner's name appear in the discovered devices list, tap on it top pair with it.

4. Once paired, make sure that the scanner is paired as an "input device." You can check this on most Android devices by tapping on the settings icon to the right of the Bluetooth device's name (usually a gear icon).

5. Now you should be able to scan into any application that accepts text input. If you are planning on using your Bluetooth barcode scanner with an application such as Profit Bandit, ScanPower or FBA, you may need to adjust the prefix and suffix settings of the scanner in order for the application to automatically search for results.

Use the control code below to set the suffix to the ENTER key.

To access this code, use this link:



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