Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance For Mining Company

A remote Canadian mining site utilizes stratus-io, a part of the Cloud-In-Hand® Solution Framework, to track who is on-site at their facilities. Deployed in multiple locations, stratus-io is used in conjunction with our idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card reader to read employee badges as they enter the facility. Check-ins are monitored by a guard stationed at the front of the facility. Each badge scan can be reviewed for the guard to accept or deny with the employee’s corresponding information and picture showing in the application to verify identity. The mobile application also indicates the employee’s on-site status so you can be sure check-ins and checkouts are appropriately marked. Furthermore, reporting is delivered on an hourly basis to administration with a record of who is currently on-site. stratus-io can also be used in locations within the facility that have limited internet access. An accurate receipt of who is on-site, even in an offline environment, can be seen and collected directly from the mobile app.

“Having worked with the Cloud-In-Hand® deployment at a remote Canadian mining site with limited internet access, I’m very impressed with how this system is meeting our needs.  The Cloud-In-Hand® team have been very supportive, I’ve never seen a vendor who showed such commitment and dedication to ensuring the product worked well for their client.”