How to use yACK BLE iOS to setup idChamp EUA UHF RFID for Windows 10 BLE

This article demonstrates how to use yACK BLE for iOS (iPhone/iPad) to set up the idChamp EUA UHF RFID reader for pairing with Windows 10 via BLE.

1. Download yACK BLE from the App Store.

2. Launch yACK BLE. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Power on the idChamp EUA.

4. Tap on the idChamp EUA’s Bluetooth name when you see it within yACK BLE.

yACK BLE for iOS idChamp EUA

5. Select “Open Console.”

yACK BLE iOS open console

6. Switch from stream mode to command mode by tapping on “Command” (located at the top right of the screen).

yACK BLE iOS console

After switching to command mode, the console should output “REMOTE COMMAND.”

7. Send the following command: set bl e e 1

yACK BLE iOS console set bl e e 1

The console should output “Success.”

8. Now disconnect by killing the yACK BLE application.

9. Re-launch the yACK BLE application and reconnect to the idChamp EUA.

You should receive a Bluetooth pairing request from the iOS system this time you tap on the idChamp EUA’s Bluetooth name. This means that the command was successful.

yACK BLE iOS Bluetooth pairing request

10. After confirming the Bluetooth pairing request, tap on “Open Console.”

11. Switch to command mode by tapping on “Command.”

12. Send the command: save

13. Send the command: reboot Now you can pair the idChamp EUA UHF reader with SerialMagic Professional for Windows 10 via BLE!