How to use yACK BLE for Android to setup the idChamp EUA to pair with Windows 10 via BLE

This article demonstrates how to set up the idChamp EUA to connect to Windows 10. Due to how Windows 10 Bluetooth pairing works, you cannot pair with the idChamp EUA without changing the “bl e e” setting from 0 to 1. Please note, that this process doesn’t work for Windows 7 nor earlier versions of Windows.

To follow through with this tutorial, you will need:

  • The yACK BLE app (available on iOS and Android)
  • An idChamp EUA
  • A Windows 10 computer with BLE support (Bluetooth 4.0 or later)

Follow the steps below to enable BLE SSP (secure simple pairing) 

1. Launch yACK BLE on your preferred mobile device (iOS or Android). Here, we are using yACK BLE for Android.

2. Power on the idChamp EUA by holding down the power button for ~2 seconds.

3. Connect to the idChamp EUA through yACK BLE by tapping on the “Select device” button, then the Bluetooth name of the BB2e scanner.

yACK BLE for Android - select device button

4. Switch from “Strm” mode to “RCmd” mode by tapping on the button labeled “Strm.”

yACK BLE for Android - stream mode
yACK BLE for Android - command mode

5. Send the command:

set bl e e 1
yACK BLE for Android - command input

Note that the idChamp EUA will not return anything after you send the command. This is normal.

6. Disconnect yACK BLE from the idChamp EUA by tapping on the green bar with the idChamp EUA’s MAC address and friendly name at the top of the screen (but keep the BlueSnap Smart powered on).

7. Reconnect the idChamp EUA to yACK BLE and repeat step 4.

yACK BLE for Android - select BLE device - Scanfob NFC-BB2e

Note that this time you connect to the idChamp EUA, you’ll receive a pairing request. This is normal and it means that the “set bl e e 1” command was successful. You will now receive a pairing prompt each time you connect to the idChamp EUA on any device (e.g., Android, iOS, Windows).

Android Bluetooth pairing prompt - Scanfob NFC-BB2e

8. Send the command:


The BlueSnap Smart will respond with a “Success” message.

9. Disconnect yACK BLE from the idChamp EUA and power cycle the idChamp EUA.

10. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

11. Send the command:

get bl ee

12. Make sure that the returned value is 1.

yACK BLE for Android - BLE check

Now you can pair the idChamp EUA to Windows 10 and connect to applications like SerialMagic Professional for Windows.