How to read and write RFID-NFC tags on iOS with the Scanfob BB2

This article demonstrates how to read and write RFID/NFC tags on iOS with the Scanfob Ultra-BB2e or the Scanfob NFC-BB2e. This option is available through Serialio’s Serial Device Manager (SDM). You can access the SDM through our iScanBrowser app for iOS or our Cloud-in-Hand Mobile Grid for Android.

1. Launch either Cloud-in-Hand Mobile Grid or iScanBrowser. For this tutorial, we will be using the Mobile Grid application for iOS.

2. Tap on the Serial Device Manager icon.

3. Make your Scanfob BB2e discoverable by holding down the button for 1-2 seconds.

4. When you see your Scanfob BB2e appear under “Bluetooth LE Devices,” tap on it to pair with it.

5. After pairing, Mobile Grid will automatically close the SDM window. Tap on the SMD icon to open it again.

6. Notice your Scanfob BB2’s name under “Connected Devices.” Tap on the gear icon to the far right.

7. Tap on “Open TAG Write Dialog.”

8. You now can write to your RFID tags.