How to connect the Scanfob NFC-BB2 to SerialMagic Professional for Windows with the BlueSnap USB

This article provides instructions on how to pair the Scanfob NFC-BB2 with SerialMagic Professional for Windows with the BlueSnap USB dongle.

1. Launch SerialMagic Professional.

2. If this is not your first time launching the SerialMagic Pro application, click “Add.”

3. Select “Connect to the remote Bluetooth device using BlueSnap USB.”

4. Select the image of the Scanfob NFC-BB2, then click “Next.”

5. SerialMagic will attempt to discover the BlueSnap USB. It will appear within SerialMagic as “COM[X] (USB Serial Port) (BlueSnap USB).” Click on it to select it, then click “Next.”

6. Next, Serialmagic will begin to discover your Scanfob NFC-BB2. Make sure that it is powered on and discoverable.

7. Once your Scanfob NFC-BB2 is discovered, click on it to select it. Then, click “Next.”

8. SerialMagic may prompt you for a PIN code. The default PIN code should be “0000” or “1234.” Click “OK” without changing the default “0000.” If you get an error message, try again with “1234.”

9. Upon pairing successfully, SerialMagic will display a “Paring Complete” window. Click “OK.”

10. Select how the Scanfob NFC-BB2 will be used, then click “Next.”

11. The following screen will give you the option to enable constant read mode. Click “Next.”

12. After finishing the setup, click “Start.”

13. Either wait for the 10-second time-out or click “Start Now.”

14. SerialMagic will setup your Scanfob NFC-BB2, then let alert you when setup has successfully completed.

Now you are ready to use your Scanfob NFC-BB2!