ID Shown On RFID Badge

How To Post Number Shown (Printed) On RFID Badge What do you do when you want to use an existing RFID-NFC badge for a new solution?This post shows you how the ID shown (printed) on an RFID badge can be posted. Having your idChamp® brand NF4 RFID-NFC reader post the correct value is easy using the Serial Device Manager (SDM). You simply scan the RFID badge, enter the value printed on the badge, and the PAC Wizard does the setup. Apps Using the Serial Device Manager (SDM) Apps SerialMagic Keys,

Read Write RI-TRP-DR2B-40 RFID Glass Transponder

Read & write RI-TRP-DR2B-40 RFID transponder. The idChamp® DX1 LF RFID reader/writer provides just the solution you need. The DX1 reads – and writes when supported by the chip – using the HDX & FDX protocols. Read & Write 134.2kHz RFID Chips You can write from iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. This works for all apps using apps supporting the SDM. Alternately, if you prefer Android use your Android tablet or smartphone. Moreover, Contact to provide your solution for Windows and MacOS. Your flexibility is unmatched

RS3x DIP Switch Settings for BLE Mode

You can set idChamp® RS3x RFID-NFC reader DIP switch settings for different operating modes. This page shows how to setup the RS3x DIP switch settings for BLE mode. You setup RS3x RFID engine using the RS3 NFC Setup iOS app. In addition, you setup RS3x RFID engine using the RS3 NFC Setup Android app. Note: the RS3x model RFID-NFC reader switch settings differ from the RS3 model. See here for RS3x DIP switch settings in cabled mode. DIP Switch Setting Images For BLE Mode DIP switch S3 and S5 settings

RS3x DIP Switch Settings for Cabled Mode

You can set idChamp® RS3x RFID-NFC reader DIP switch settings for different operating modes. First, you can setup RS3x RFID engine using the RS3 NFC Setup iOS app. In addition, you can setup RS3x RFID engine using the RS3 NFC Setup Android app. Finally you can use cabled mode to setup the RFID-NFC engine with a Windows PC. For cabled mode, a USB RS-232 adapter is needed, along with an idChamp bridge cable. Additionally, you use the RS3x in cabled mode to read smart card badges with Windows PCs and

Meeting Check-in Using Apple Watch

How do you check in to a meeting when your iPhone is in your pocket or purse?Who said attendance arrival using Apple Watch could not be fun? Empower Your Wrist stratus-io Remote Check-in empowers you to check-in to your meeting using your Apple Watch. You can check-in & out of your meeting, event, or class while your iPhone is in your pocket or purse. When you simply load the Cloud-In-Hand® stratus-io Remote Check-in app on your iPhone & Apple Watch, you then have check-in, check-out options using your Apple Watch.

idChamp RFID Readers Facilitate Mining Site Compliance

How does the 2nd largest major mining company in North America manage their on-site personnel?idhamp RFID readers facilitate mining site compliance at this major mining company. Why Tracking On-Site Personnel Is Important Knowing your employees locations is important for their safety. Additionally your contractors, visitors and guests also appreciate your concern for their safety. Finally your government likely requires compliance of your personnel management system. Multi-Site Personnel Management Problem How do you rate your company’s mining site personnel management?Your site compliance system must be able to report who is currently

How To Setup idChamp® NF2 Switches

The idChamp® NF2 RFID-NFC Reader/Writer can connect to the host via USB, or via Wireless (BLE). This page shows the DIP switch setting options. NF2 Wireless (BLE) Mode DIP Switch Settings

Geolocation Attendance Automatic Checkin/Checkout

Geolocation attendance provides automatic check-in and checkout personnel at any location using stratus-io: Remote Check-In. With stratus-io, your organization can create geofences (geolocations) in any number of places. Personnel are automatically checked in and out as they enter the defined geographic location. Use automatic check-in for accurate incident reporting gives your group on-site check-in, check-out, resource auditing.  Your custom geofences can be seen from the stratus-io app on an Android or iOS devices. Push notification is immediately sent when the geofence is entered to alert the user of their check-in.

RFID Badge & Smartphone Credential Attendance Management Kiosk

stratus-io Time and Attendance by Cloud-In-Hand Solutions Framework with the idChamp® NF4 RFID-NFC reader provides unmatched flexibility and convenience to read every type of RFID employee ID badge credential in common use (and many not so common) for attendance, training, meetings, and emergency evacuations. The Lillitab desktop kiosk shown in this video provides a convenient secure kiosk form factor (locked with a physical key) for unattended operations. Floor stand and wall-mount options are also available. Kiosks can support many Android and iOS devices. Cloud-In-Hand Solutions Framework can also provide soft

Forklift Driving Enabled with Employee Badge – Track Vehicle Usage – Confirm Safety

A manufacturing company was having trouble accurately understanding who was operating forklifts on-site. Forklift operators had Bluetooth Beacons that were detected and authenticated by their on-board Android application to register usage and task completion.  Operators would leave the beacon on the forklift and enable anyone to drive without proper approval and management. For example they had one report indicating an operator drove for 56 hours straight. This made it impossible for the company to understand which employee was responsible for the forklift and how effective they were at completing tasks.

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