Restock SS Series

Restock SS Series

Discontinued product
  • Durable solid state scan engine with no moving parts.
  • Convenient mobile size.
  • Compatible with the following mobile computers if Bluetooth enabled*
    • Android
    • BlackBerry
    • Windows 7/2008/Vista/XP/2003
    • Windows Mobile 5 and later (touch / non-
  • ...

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  • Restock SS BT-M2 Professional - Mobile Platform
  • Restock SS BT-M2 Professional - Mobile Platform


End of life product. 30 Day Warranty and Support.

The Restock SS solid state Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner enables mobile phone barcode scanning with ease. The scanner has a solid state durable scan engine with no moving parts.

Mobile - Durable - Wireless

The Restock SS provides fast and easy Wireless Bluetooth connectivity to hundreds of models of mobile phones and Internet devices. The Restock SS is convenient size for mobile applications, but not too small to get lost.

Restock SS is supported with the unmatched power of SerialMagic Professional software enabling incredible flexibility for your mobile wireless barcode scanning needs. Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid provides easily data collection and with press of a button can send to email, FTP, and even SQL database. Also use with other applications like Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, and even use with web forms on a mobile phone browser.

Solution for Repetitive Stress Injuries

Use barcode scanning for mobile workforce to reduce PDA injuries. Thumb RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) are well known for heavy and frequent computer keyboard users. This issue extends now to mobile devices, especially since most times the thumbs are used to input ALL data on the device (unlike keyboards where the keys occur across all of the fingers). Barcode scanning allows input of many digits with a single button push. This means using a barcode scanner makes it possible to significantly reduce personal injuries related to data entry, especially for mobile applications.