How to Enable Scanfob Compatibility in iScanBrowser (iOS)

iScanBrowser is compatible with genuine Scanfob Brand Scanners in Bluetooth HID mode. However, you will need to enable the option in Settings. 1. Tap on the Settings icon. 2. Enable the option to Detect Scanfob® 2006, 2005.

iScanBrowser Appearance Settings (iOS)

This document provides information regarding the appearance settings for iScanBrowser (iOS). To access iScanBrowser’s appearance settings, navigate to iScanBrowser’s settings page by tapping on the gear icon located on the floating taskbar. Then locate the section labeled “Appearance Settings.” Enable Fullscreen Mode To enable fullscreen mode, toggle the slider to the far right of “Fullscreen.” …

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iScanBrowser Web Form Rules (iOS)

This documentation provides information and instruction pertaining to iScanBrowser’s Web From Rules. About Web Form Rules Web Form Rules are divided into two categories; Active Page Rules and New Page Rules. Active Page Rules are used to send data from the scanner to the currently loaded web page. New Page Rules will load a new …

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iScanBrowser Triggers (iOS)

iScanBrowser triggers allow you to map a specific button (either in the floating taskbar or floating) to trigger a read action to the associated barcode scanner, RFID scanner, or UniMag reader. The floating trigger can also be assigned to trigger a read from the iOS CoreNFC reader. To access iScanBrowser’s trigger settings, navigate to iScanBrowser’s …

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