How to Submit a Log for iScanBrowser (iOS)

1. Navigate to iScanBrowser’s settings page by tapping on the gear icon located on the floating taskbar.

iScanBrowser for iOS

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page until you see a button labeled “Upload log to cloud.”

iScanBrowser for iOS

3. Tap on “Upload log to cloud.”

iScanBrowser for iOS

4. Enter your name (so we know who to associate the log or bug report with) and the password for log uploading.

You can get the log password from the Serialio representative you’re working with.

If you aren’t currently working with a Serialio representative, contact us with a detailed report of the problem at hand, the type of device (for example, iPhone 7 or iPad Air 1), and any other information relevant to the problem that could help us fix it.