iOS Enter/Return Solution idChamp® RS4x

iOS Enter/Return Solution – Cursor Focus Fails To Move After Post You’re using an RFID-NFC-Barcode reader on iOS that sends [ENTER] or [RETURN] character and after the scan. The scanner/reader you use connects to iOS in wireless keyboard mode e.g. like Bluetooth keyboard. However, you find the focus does NOT move to the next field or next line after the scan. This post shows the iOS Enter/Return Solution for the idChamp RS4x RFID-NFC Reader-Writer. This solution may work for other scanners also. The core reason that your cursor fails to

idChamp RS4x BLE or HID

idChamp® RS4x BLE or HID Mode? idChamp® RS4x RFID-NFC reader-writer is flexible with two wireless connection modes. What mode do you use the idChamp RS4x BLE or HID?  Use BLE mode for the most fast and reliable data posting. BLE mode requires your app to connect the scanner. SerialMagic Keys, iScanBrowser, Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, stratus-io Time and Attendance all support BLE mode. In BLE mode the app connects the scanner. Third party apps using the Serial Device Manager libraries may also connect. Use HID mode when you want the RS4x

Mobile RFID Livestock Management

Modern Mobile RFID Livestock Management Do mobile RFID livestock management using UHF-RFID tags. You may know typical RFID livestock tracking was initially done with LF (134.2Khz) tags. The difficulty when you use LF ear tags is the reader must be very close to the tag to read. You need a longer range for fast and cost-effective livestock tracking and management.  Here you see how an Android tablet with built-in UHF reader is used with cloud solution platform. We use the idChamp® MT8 is with the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app.

Mobile Solutions TX-RAMP Certified

Your Mobile Grid Solutions TX-RAMP Certified. Why you have Mobile Solutions TX-RAMP Certified. First, TX-RAMP Texas Risk and Authorization Management Program results from the passage of Texas Senate Bill 475. Second, the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires establishment of  “a standardized approach for security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of cloud computing services that process the data of a state agency”. This includes institutions of higher education and public colleges. Third, Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Solutions Platform is TX-RAMP Certified. Finally, you let us improve your Texas University mobile scanning

HIBC Medical Inventory iPad

Why You Need an HIBC Medical Inventory iPad Use the Medinven HIBC medical inventory iPad app for fast, reliable mobile medical inventory. You have only an iPhone? No problem, use your iPhone, but iPad is easier because of the bigger screen. Also use your MacOS PC as long as it’s M1 CPU or later. First you handle consignments, trunk inventory, evaluations, and more. Second your Scanfob® brand scanner eliminates pen & paper and eliminate all the associated errors with them. Third you upload all your transactions with a simple tap,

Java SerialPort MacOS M1

Java SerialPort Now Available On MacOS M1 Java SerialPort MacOS MacOS M1 Apple Silicon is now supported for your Java Serial Port apps. Installation is easy, you just install the JavaTerm package included with the distribution file after your purchase. JavaTerm installer give you details on the USB-RS232 driver to install, and Java VM to install. FTDI Driver MacOS M1 Apple Silicon You are guaranteed Java SerialPort works on your M1 Mac with the USB-RS232 adapter. You may find other adaptors also work, as long as they have proper

Ultra-BB2e Pairing Mode

Ultra-BB2e Pairing Mode Also Works on NFC-BB2e Scanfob® Ultra-BB2e pairing mode is selected depending on what host device the UHF RFID reader is connecting to.  For Windows connections, the pairing mode must be enabled or Windows will not accept the connection. For iOS and Android connections, having pairing disabled, provides faster connections to the host. The steps shown here use the Ultra-BB2e UHF reader/writer, and the same steps also apply to the Scanfob® NFC-BB2e reader/writer. yACK BLE App on iOS and Android This post shows the yACK BLE app on

SerialMagic Keys In Microsoft Store

SerialMagic Keys In Microsoft Store SerialMagic Keys Professional is available in the Microsoft store. SerialMagic has been enabling data to be posted to all applications since the year 2000 (12 years before the Microsoft Store even existed!). This power is now conveniently available via the Microsoft store. Post NFC-RFID To All Windows Apps Put the cursor where you want data posted, and the data is posted. Use existing applications, like magic to get your data to all apps from RFID GEN2 UHF, NFC & barcode readers, meters, sensors, scales, and more.

Laser Area Realtor’s Dream

Laser Area Realtor’s Dream To Post Meters & Feet You use a laser measuring tool to accurately measure areas using the You want to post these measurements to any app on your iPhone or iPad. Area measurements are commonly required in both meters and feet, but laser measurers limit what you can post. SerialMagic Keys on iOS provides the exact solution you need. In SerialMagic Keys you specify the exact format you want posted to any application. You can also include date & time. This is your laser area Realtor’s

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 13?

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 13, 14, 15…? iPhone 5 vs iPhone 13?Why do you use iPhone 5, when you can use iPhone 13, 14, 15…? First you see here, how the iPhone 5 after 10 years is still powerful and effective. Secondly, the starting price for iPhone 5S at the time of this post was $30 USD. This means you can have an exceptionally economical solution. Thirdly, you use old technology and it’s superior? Yes! Consider how much smaller the iPhone5S is than an iPhone 13, 14, 15. When you

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