What is the SDM (Serial Device Manager)?

Serial Device Manager (SDM) (sometimes referred to as “device manager”). The Serial Device Manager is a Software Developer Library providing applications for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS providing 3rd party apps to connect to and manage multiple wireless, Bluetooth, and cabled devices. Most of the time, when you see “SDM” in the documentation. The user interface for the SDM on Android is different from the user interface on iOS, but both implementations of the SDM offer similar core features.   Interested in our SDM? Click here for our libraries.

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Livestock & Pet RFID Reader On Windows

First iPad-iPhone Livestock & Pet RFID Reader idChamp® DX1 reader the words first wireless livestock & pet RFID reader of its kind. Since 2010 has provided the unique wireless Low-Frequency (LF) 134.2 kHz RFID-NFC reader. First the DX1 is the only wireless livestock reader of its kind to connect to iOS and Android devices. Secondly, you see the desktop cabled version of the DX1 working with Windows tablet (Surface Pro 4). Finally, the DX1 reads animal ear tags and inject-able microchip tags of many types: FDX-B/HDX ISO-11784/85, TIRIS, EM4100. Software

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Webapp Scan Posting

iScanBrowser Automates Webapp Scan Posting – RFID, NFC, Barcodes, and More You use iScanBrowser to automate Webapp Scan Posting – post data to any web page and increase efficiency. Post data types like RFID, NFC, Barcode, Scale, Sensor, Caliper, and more. Are you tired of the infamous tap, tap, tap sound when entering data? You spend too much of your life doing the constant and boring tapping to enter data. Make a ‘hands free’ webapp you never thought possible. Web Form Rules automates data to the exact field(s) on your

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