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What is iScanBrowser?

How To Avoid Tap For Cursor Focus

Have you noticed when you tried to scan data into a search query field, such as Google, you may you have to tap on the “Enter” or “Search” button each time? With iScanBrowser you circumvent this by simulating what is called a “Call Submit” with WebForm Rule (WFR) technology. Now you scan as much data into your preferred web page-application or web form without having to pause to tap a “Submit” button.

Post RFID-Barcode-Scale-Sensor Data With Intelegence

With iScanBrowser for iOS-MacOS* and Android, you instantly post RFID-NFC, Barcode, Scale, Sensor readings into all web pages. No need for you to change the website/webpage to post your data readings. First you set up Web Form Rules (WFRs) to automatically post data into the exact field(s), where you need it. Next, you have the option to use data as part of the the URL address. Finally, run your JavaScript, commands based on the conditions you configured in the WFR.

Unmatched Productivity And Accuracy

Your productivity skyrockets when you need to scan data quickly. There is no need for you to use the iOS/Android device’s interface between every data sample. No need for you to ever tap on the UI to put cursor focus where you want it before scanning/reading. Download iScanBrowser from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore. 100% accuracy is guaranteed since your users never tap to get focus, and the OS won’t drop keystrokes because the scanner sends data too fast.


*MacOS runs the iScanBrowser iOS app.