Sending Wireless Bluetooth Data Using 3rd Party Keyboard SerialMagic Keys

How can iOS keyboard be used to send user specified data to a wirelessly connected device?  SerialMagic Keys iOS provides a ‘Command Key’ option to send user defined data to trigger some event on the device connected to BlueSnap M6A DB9 connector serial port e.g. to trigger scale to send weight, RFID reader to read …

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What is SerialMagic?

SerialMagic is a versatile cross-platform program that allows you to use nearly any Bluetooth, USB, or RS-232 device that uses Serial Port Profile (SPP) to send data into virtually any application. Furthermore, SerialMagic allows for various automation techniques, such as string manipulation (include control characters) and device configuration. The SerialMagic product line consists of SerialMagic …

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How does SerialMagic licensing work?

When you purchase a SerialMagic license key, you will receive a license token. The license token is used with your device’s (iOS/Android/Mac/Windows) hardware ID to generate a license key specific to your device. This license key is valid for one device (computer or mobile device); if you have multiple devices that you want to use …

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What is my device ID and how do I find it?

Your device ID is an alphanumeric code generated by our software that is unique to your computer or mobile device; it is how we keep track of registration keys and licensing. The knowledge base articles below demonstrate how to find your device ID. SerialMagic Professional for Windows SerialMagic Gears for Android iScanBrowser for Android