Post RFID/NFC To Your Mobile Device

I work with technology and data on a daily basis.
They seem to be friendly.
However, making them talk to each other is a whole different picture.

The struggle is real.

However, there are some ways to get RFID/NFC data straight into your mobile device.

RFID & NFC Scans to iOS & Android

RFID & NFC scans are sent in packets, like vehicles driving on a road.

RFID & NFC scans are commonly used by applications in ASCII, DECimal and HEXidecimal formats.
These data packets are sent one by one, similar to vehicles driving on a one lane road.
This is all good, but what if I want the RFID & NFC scans to ‘drive’ into an app on my phone?

This is where the magic comes in.

Serialio has created software that customer say is ‘simply magic’.
SerialMagic Keys and SerialMagic Gears are the only products of their kind and provide the ‘magic’ for working with RFID & NFC scans – with no programming required! 
Also, SerialMagic works on more computing platforms than any other product of its kind.  
SerialMagic connects not only RFID-NFC readers, but Barcode scanners, digital gauges, and sensors and more using wireless and Classic connections (2.1)
RFID & NFC scans are posted as keystrokes into any application that accepts text input.

Check out this video to see it in action:

If you need more information about the SerialMagic, check out the links below or contact a Serialio Solution Specialist today!

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