Read All Badges – One Badge Reader

Hello.  안녕하세요.  Bonjour.  שָׁלוֹם.
If you could read those 4 languages, you would be part of the 3% of people who can speak 4 languages fluently.
Well, the Radio-frequency Identification (RFID)/ Near-field Communication (NFC) world is very similar to the one we live in today.
There are thousands of tags that speak different languages and integrating all of them into one system can be a hard task to conquer.
But with the idChamp RS4x Smart Card Badge Reader it’s simple and quick to Read all badges with one badge reader.

Different RFID employee Badge & student badge Types

Reading RFID/NFC Tags

To many businesses, RFID/NFC tags play an integral role in everyday tasks.
Driving on toll roads, clocking in for work, opening doors can all have some sort of RFID/NFC tag being used in the process.
Although they serve similar purposes, they speak in different languages.
These tags send out radio frequencies that range from 125 kHz to 1 GHz.
This means that some speak very low, and some speak very high.
There inlies the problem, not all readers can speak with such “vocal range”.

However, there are a couple of solutions to this problem.

In fact, Serialio has created an RFID/NFC Reader that can read virtually every major access control badge type in the world.
The idChamp® RS4x wireless RFID-NFC Reader/Writer is the next generation in the idChamp® RFID-NFC Reader family.
It is able to scan almost every type of NFC tag including HID PROX, iCLASS Seos, iCODE, MiFARE, etc.
It also connects wirelessly in less than one second to devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones & tablets, Windows 10 e.g. Surface Pro, MacOS e.g. MacBookPro

The idChamp® RS4 is the one-for-all solution.

The idChamp® RS4x Wireless RFID-NFC Badge & Smart Phone Wallet Credential Reader

A major metropolitan healthcare network was using the idChamp RS4x wireless RFID NFC reader, tablets and iScanBrowser to check-in employees at multiple facilities in the city with HID Global Access Control cards.
However, they were facing a problem: each facility used a different type of RFID Access Control Card: 
One was 37 bit Prox, another was 40 bit Prox, and the last one was an iClass card. 
Rather than spend more money on extra readers, Serialio recommended using the idChamp® RS4x reads multiple access control badge types.
The idChamp® RS4x can be programmed to read multiple cards. The idChamp® RS4x offers support for all HID Mobile Access® solutions including employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet.

Check out this video to see it in action:

If you need more information about the idChamp® RS4, contact a Solution Specialist today!