Destron Fearing Global Pocket Reader (GPR+) and Universal Worldscan Reader (UWSR+) on iOS

Destron Fearing Global Pocket Reader™ Plus (GPR+) and Universal Worldscan™ Reader Plus”Are now supported on iOS apps: iScanBrowser, iScanBrowser Pro, SerialMagic Keys, Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid. Scan pet and livestock tags into all iOS apps that accept keyboard entry, for use powerful mobile livestock solutions on iOS & Android. You can click link for step-by-step connecting of GPR+ or UWSR+ 125kHz and 134.2kHz RFID reader to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Worlds First LLRP Solution for Android Gets Better developed the first LLRP Solution for Android in 2013.Now the LLRP feature has been added to the Serial Device Manager (SDM) so it’s available on apps like Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, and iScanBrowser. Use your high-power fixed RFID readers with your mobile Android devices (contact us about iOS) with ease for asset tracking, inventory, attendance and more.

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