iScanBrowser Increases UHF EPC RFID Tag Post Efficiency 10x

UHF-RFID readers typically scan EPC tags very fast. Suppose you have a website and want to expedite EPC read processing. The UHF reader will typically return each EPC code as single transaction thereby requiring a website submit transaction for every EPC. This process is inefficient as typical HTTP submit can easily take 0.5 seconds.

Powerful iScanBrowser controls “Merge tags data” and “Merge tags data separator” provide capability for a single web submit transaction to contain many EPC tag values read by the UHF reader (separated by character of choice, like COMMA, SPACE, etc.). This can increase UHF tag processing efficiency many times, e.g. when two EPC tags are submitted instead of only one, efficiency increases 100%. Submitting 11 tags in one HTTP transaction can increase efficiency over 10 times that of submitting each tag read separately.