What is RFID?

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is a term used to refer to technology that uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify people, livestock, assets, and more. To learn more about RFID, see our article on the topic here.

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Which scanners support which wireless modes?

The chart below shows which scanners support which wireless modes. An “x” indicates that the scanner has support for that mode.   BLEⓘ SPPⓘ HIDⓘ MFiⓘ Scanfob 2006ⓘ x x x   Scanfob 4000iⓘ   x x x Scanfob 4000nⓘ   x x   Scanfob 3002iⓘ   x x x KDC20ⓘ   x x   KDC20iⓘ   x x x KDC100ⓘ   x x x KDC200ⓘ   x x x KDC300ⓘ   x x x Scanfob qIDⓘ   x x   Scanfob qID (iAP model)ⓘ   x x x Scanfob

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No Tap Check-in with RFID

How No Tap Check-in Works with UHF-RFID Use Cloud-In-Hand® stratus-io Time & Attendance to do no tap check-in with RFID. You instantly see the person who’s checking in on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or Windows 11 PC. Use your standard sized employee badge with UHF-RFID or get more distance with a larger badge or enhanced reader. You use the idChamp Ultra-5109 reader model shown in the video below, your people easily check-in from a distance from 6 feet (2 meters). You want closer check-in for security or other reasons? No problem,

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Apple Student ID NFC Reader

Apple Student ID NFC Reader – Mobile & Wireless idChamp® RS4x Apple Student ID NFC Reader posts credentials stored in Apple Wallet* and much more. Read all physical RFID Prox, iClass/Seos, and more. Read soft credentials with HID Global Mobile Access, and other supported apps. Read all these credentials/badges with idChamp RS4x up to 30 feet from your iPad or iPhone.   *Requires purchase of Mobile Credential  More than iPad and iPhone RS4x also connects to Android, MacOS, & Win10+. Read all types of student IDs – physical and soft –

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Best iPad Check-in Kiosk Fast, Easy, Flexible

Looking for the Best iPad Check-in Kiosk Are you looking for the best iPad check-in kiosk? With stratus-io Time & Attendance you have fast, easy-to-use and flexible check-in solutions. First, you can use your iPad (or iPhone). Second, if you prefer Android tablets or phones, this also works. Finally, you may have Windows tablets or PCs you want to use, no problem. Stratus-io Time & Attendance gives you kiosk and mobile modes. Use Current Employee Badges Use idChamp® and Scanfob® brand RFID-NFC readers with your organization’s current employee badges. No

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Livestock & Pet RFID Reader On Windows

First iPad-iPhone Livestock & Pet RFID Reader idChamp® DX1 reader the words first wireless livestock & pet RFID reader of its kind. Since 2010 has provided the unique wireless Low-Frequency (LF) 134.2 kHz RFID-NFC reader. First the DX1 is the only wireless livestock reader of its kind to connect to iOS and Android devices. Secondly, you see the desktop cabled version of the DX1 working with Windows tablet (Surface Pro 4). Finally, the DX1 reads animal ear tags and inject-able microchip tags of many types: FDX-B/HDX ISO-11784/85, TIRIS, EM4100. Software

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