Which scanners support which wireless modes?

The chart below shows which scanners support which wireless modes. An “x” indicates that the scanner has support for that mode.

Scanfob 2006xxx 
Scanfob 4000i xxx
Scanfob 4000n xx 
Scanfob 3002i xxx
KDC20 xx 
KDC20i xxx
KDC100 xxx
KDC200 xxx
KDC300 xxx
Scanfob qID xx 
Scanfob qID (iAP model) xxx
Scanfob Ultra/NFC BB2 xx 
Scanfob Ultra/NFC BB2i xxx
Scanfob Ultra/NFC BB2ex   
idChamp RS3 HSExxx 
idChamp RS3 HS xx 
idChamp RS3 LEx   
idChamp RS4x   
idChamp NF2x