Emergency Headcount for Employees, Students, & more

Emergency event participants use stratus-io: Remote Check-In application to check-in from anywhere. Ensures fast, easy and accurate emergency headcounts. People check-in using their mobile phones or tablets. Many more check-in methods are also supported. During the emergency, your organization people themselves safe with a tap and allow emergency captains to know who is and isn’t

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iiPhone badge check in Builtin iPhone RFID NFC reader 300w

iPhone RFID Badge Check-In

iPhone 11 now supports reading RFID employee access badge CSN (Card Serial Number) – aka UID (Unit ID) – NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) from an NFC chip. has supported this feature since Apple’s update. This option along with unmatched number of methods to read RFID & NFC tag values have been provided since 2009.

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Webapp Scan Posting

iScanBrowser Automates Webapp Scan Posting – RFID, NFC, Barcodes, and More You use iScanBrowser to automate Webapp Scan Posting – post data to any web page and increase efficiency. Post data types like RFID, NFC, Barcode, Scale, Sensor, Caliper, and more. Are you tired of the infamous tap, tap, tap sound when entering data? You

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Cloud-In-Hand Logo Sky Blue 200

CLOUD-IN-HAND stratus-io Time and Attendance

CLOUD-IN-HANDTM CLOUD-IN-HAND brand stratus-io Time and Attendance provides both downloadable and online solution components. Designed from the ground up to accommodate operation while offline and online. The downloadable component of the software on the mobile device provides option for spreadsheet like view attendance information reports. Reports are also available using browser online. Download Cloud-In-Hand Brand

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