What are the modes of the KeyBatch BR2 barcode scanner?

The KeyBatch BR2 is a batch scanner, capable of storing scans wirelessly and sending those scans to a computer once connected via USB. The KeyBatch BR2 can be configured in one of two ways; USB SerialMagic Mode or USB Keyboard Mode. Regardless of mode, you can configure the KeyBatch BR2 to store just the scans, store the scans with a timestamp, and send a CR (carriage return) after each scan. Additional prefix/suffix settings can be configured with control codes.

  • USB SerialMagic Mode — When using the KeyBatch BR2 in SerialMagic Mode, the scanner sends scans through SerialMagic with the specified settings. This can include sending scans directly to cursor location, a CSV file, an SQL database, or to your Cloud-In-Hand account.
  • USB Keyboard Mode — When using the KeyBatch BR2 in Keyboard Mode, the scanner will send the scans to cursor location after scanning the Send Scans barcode from the quick start guide.