Pair/Connect your scanner with SerialMagic Gears (SDM)

To pair/Connect your Bluetooth scanner with SerialMagic Gear’s Serial Device Manager (SDM), follow the instructions below. Note when scanner is in BLE mode pairing is not required, this is only needed when scanner is in SPP mode.

1. From the main screen of SerialMagic Gears, tap on the Serial Device Manager icon. You can also tap on the “Device Manager” option from the Options menu.

2. The window that appears is the Serial Device Manager main view.

3. For Genuine Serialio Scanfobs: Scan the appropriate codes from your Quick Start Guide that came with your scanner (SerialMagic Gears supports SPP mode and BLE mode.)

4. Make your scanner discoverable and connectable.

5. To add a device, tap on the pink plus-sign (+) button within the Serial Device Manager main view.

6. The window you see is the Add Connection view. The first (upper) half of the screen is where you will see known and previously paired devices. The second (lower) half of the screen is where you will see newly discovered devices.

7. Once you have made your scanner discoverable, it will appear in the newly discovered device section (lower half of the App Connection view.)

8. To pair with your scanner, tap on its name.

9. Tapping on your scanner’s name will trigger SerialMagic Gears to connect to it.

10. Once a successful connection has been made between SerialMagic Gears and your scanner, the connection bar on the main screen of SerialMagic Gears will be green.

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