How to automate your SerialMagic Gears workflow

Connect to SerialMagic Gears

The first step in automating your workflow with SerialMagic Gears is to install the application and connect your scanner(s) to SerialMagic Gears! If you have not already done this, see our step-by-step walkthrough for connecting your scanner to SerialMagic Gears.

Application Settings 

Now, you are going to adjust some of SerialMagic Gears’ settings to improve your workflow. To access these settings, navigate to SerialMagic Gears’ Application Settings.

Enable “Launch After Boot”

The “Launch After Boot” option triggers SerialMagic Gears to launch immediately after powering on your Android phone or tablet. This way, you don’t have to manually go through your applications and launch SerialMagic Gears.

SerialMagic Gears settings - launch after boot

Enable “Connect on Launch”

The “Connect on Launch” option tells SerialMagic Gears to connect to the scanner that you were last connected to as soon as it is launched. You will still have to make your scanner discoverable for this to work, but you won’t have to manually initiate the connection.

SerialMagic Gears settings - connect on launch

Enable “Minimize on Launch”

Finally, the “Minimize on Launch” option triggers SerialMagic Gears to background itself as soon as it has launched and connected to the last known scanner. This option is only viable for those who use SerialMagic Keys to scan into another Android application, such as FBA Scan or ProfitBandit. If you would like to learn how to setup SerialMagic Keys keyboard to send your scan data to any application as text-input, see our instructions for enabling SerialMagic Keys.

SerialMagic Gears settings - minimize on launch

If you need to adjust any settings or options for SerialMagic Gears after launch, you will have to tap on SerialMagic Gears’ application icon or find it in your background applications. You can typically find your background applications by tapping on the leftmost physical button on your tablet or phone.

SDM Settings

The Serial Device Manager (SDM) is the portion of SerialMagic Gears that allows you to manage your connected devices. Additionally, the SDM offers some convenient options for automating your workflow. To access these options, navigate to the Serial Device Manager main view, then the “Mobile Device Options.”

Enable “Auto Reconnect to Devices”

When enabled, the “Auto Reconnect” option sets SerialMagic Gears to automatically attempt to reconnect to a scanner after the connection is lost due to the signal being out of range or the scanner timing out to reserve battery. In the latter case, you will need to make your scanner discoverable again for SerialMagic Gears to be able to reconnect to it.

SerialMagic Gears SDM settings - auto reconnect

Enable “Out of Range Alert”

Enabling the “Out of Range Alert” sets SerialMagic Gears to notify you via an Android notification, an auditory notification or haptic feedback (vibration).

SerialMagic Gears SDM settings - out of range alert