How to connect the BlueSnap M6A (BLE) to SerialMagic Professional for Windows

This article demonstrates how to connect the BlueSnap modle M6A smart Bluetooth Low Energy (5.0) to an RS-232 adapter to Windows using SerialMagic Professional. We have broken down this process into three steps: (1) Pair through Windows Bluetooth, (2) Pair through SerialMagic Professional, and (3) Start the connection. This tutorial will only work after yACK BLE has been used to set up the BlueSnap Smart to be able to pair with Windows 10. If you haven’t already done so.

Pair via Windows 10 Bluetooth Settings

1. Power on your BlueSnap Smart by either plugging it into a power source (non-AAA models) or holding down the power button (AAA models).

2. Launch the Windows 10 Settings application. You can do this by clicking on the Windows Start button (located at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen), then clicking on the Settings icon.

3. Click on “Devices.”

4. Then, click “Add Bluetooth or other device.”

Depending on your version of Windows 10, you may only need to scroll down to “Other Devices” where Windows will automatically discover nearby Bluetooth devices.

5. Once you see your BlueSnap Smart appear in the discovered devices section, click on it.  You may be prompted for a PIN code. The default PIN code will be either “1234” or “0000.”

Connect to SerialMagic Professional

1. Launch the SerialMagic Professional application.

2. From the main window, click on “Add” to add a new connection.

3. Select “SerialMagic will connect to the remote Bluetooth device using Bluetooth LE.” It is the 5th option from the top.


If you are using a previous version of Windows, such as Windows 7, this option will be grayed out.

4. Next, click on the image labeled “DB9 BLE” within the “Choose scanner type” section. Click Next.

5. The following screen shows the nearby BLE devices. Click on your BlueSnap Smart to select it, then click Next.

6. Select your preferred input method for the data that will be sent from the BlueSnap Smart. For this tutorial, we are using “Like a keyboard, data posted to cursor location.” Click Next.

7. You should see, “Input device was setup successfully.” Click “Finish.”

8. SerialMagic will present you a window to review the connection settings and make any final adjustments. If everything looks correct, click “OK.”

Start the Connection

Now that you have successfully connected your BlueSnap Smart to SerialMagic Professional, we will start the connection.

1. From the main window of SerialMagic Professional, make sure the connection we created in Step #2 is selected.

2. After selecting the BlueSnap connection from the drop-down menu, click “Start!”

3. Pull up SerialMagic Professional again by clicking on its icon on the Windows taskbar. The “Start” button should now say “Stop.”