White Paper: Getting Started With RFID Data Capture Solutions

This white paper discusses the benefits of RFID attendance tracking solutions, RFID inventory and asset management solutions, provides a brief overview of RFID technology, a summarization on what RFID readers and tags are and how the technologies work, and finally a summation of considerations one should take when implementing an RFID solution. Download PDF For more details about RFID technology provided by, examine our case studies and news articles. If you have a similar challenge, contact to speak to a solutions manager today. Exhibits @ RFID Journal LIVE! 2016

Serialio returns to RFIDJournalLIVE! 2016 to meet with some of the best names in the industry to discuss projects and partner opportunities that could spark even more ingenuity amongst the RFID community. This May, returned for the fifth consecutive year as an exhibitor at RFIDJournal LIVE! The 2016 event was the held from May 2nd through May 5th at the Orange County Convention Center located in the heart of Orlando, Florida. As was with previous RFIDJournalLIVE events, this year the team members were able to meet with some


From Totes to Pallets, RFID Improves Visibility In The Supply Chain Industry What Are Totes? Totes are one faction of reusable containers, also known as Returnable Shipping Assets (RSAs), Reusable Transport Items (RTIs), or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). These types of containers can vary from cages, to racks, to containers, to pallets and totes. Who Uses Totes? RTIs, or Reusable Transport Items, have become omnipresent in the manufacturing and logistics industries.  Many companies now ship their products or receive raw goods in returnable, recyclable containers.  For these businesses, RTIs are now

What is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?

Bluetooth® Smart, or BLE, is the intelligent, power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology. While the power-efficiency of Bluetooth Smart makes it perfect for devices needing to run off a tiny battery for long periods, the magic of Bluetooth Smart is its ability to work with an application on the smartphone or tablet you already own. Bluetooth Smart makes it easy for developers and OEMs to create solutions that will work with the billions of Bluetooth enabled products already in the market today. Bluetooth — Simplified Bluetooth Smart, (also known as

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