Sending Wireless Bluetooth Data Using 3rd Party Keyboard SerialMagic Keys

How can iOS keyboard be used to send user specified data to a wirelessly connected device? 

SerialMagic Keys iOS provides a ‘Command Key’ option to send user defined data to trigger some event on the device connected to BlueSnap M6A DB9 connector serial port e.g. to trigger scale to send weight, RFID reader to read tag, sensor to take measurement, barcode scanner to read barcode, etc.


Open SerialMagic Keys app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, then tap on “Command Key”

Choose the wireless device that SerialMagic Keys will send data to, in this example BlueSnap DB9

Enter data/command that will be sent to connected device. ASCII format is default, if command needs to be defined in HEX, enable HEX Command option.

In this example the command is “W” that will be sent to scale to trigger sending of current weight of item on the scale.

Select SerialMagic Keys as the active keyboard by tapping the globe icon, and tapping SerialMagic Keys

In SerialMagic Keys Connection view the BlueSnap is connected, tap the Command icon to send the trigger command. 

The data will then be sent to the connected device, and the RS-232 serial data sent from the device will be posted to the iOS cursor location in any iOS app that has cursor focus.

Note Command key can also work in other SerialMagic Keys views.