Faster NF4x Reads iOS iScanBrowser

Your idChamp® brand NF4x RFID-NFC reader works great on iOS. Now get faster NF4x reads on iOS to check-in people faster for class attendance, mustering, or other event needing attendance.


NF4x Badge Reader Modes: Smart & Direct

Your idChamp® brand NF4x Badge Reader has two basic modes when connected to iOS, Smart, and Direct. In Smart Mode the application easily controls what badge types are recognized and decodes the credential information as needed in the app. In Direct Mode the NF4x is loaded with specific firmware that does all badge processing in the NF4x engine. NF4x Smart Mode by default reads all support badge, fob, and chip types both low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF).


Speed Up NF4x Reads on iOS by Selecting Only Credential Types Needed

By default your NF4x reader in Smart Mode reads at least 27 HF credential types, and 11 LF credential types. Your organization may need to read only one or two credential types. Supporting three, four and more credential types is easy, but it’s not typical. You speed up NF4x RFID badge reads in Smart Mode by setting the default credentials the NF4x reads. This speeds up your NF4x reads noticeably because the NF4x looks only for your badge types, and ignoring all the others.


Steps To Set Supported Badge Credential Types on iScanBrowser iOS


First you open the app containing the SDM (Serial Device Manager). Apps like SerialMagic Keys, iScanBrowser, Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, stratus-io Time and Attendance all implement the SDM. This example uses iScanBrowser iOS app. Next open the SDM by tapping the SDM Connection icon as shown. Finally, power on the NF4, and tap on the NF4 device to connect.

step1: iScanBrowser tap connect icon to open SDM devices list
step 2: tap SDM Device Setup icon for connected NF4. Note: the N4x devices have name NF4.
iScanBrowser iOS NF4x Credential Select tap SDM Device Setup icon NF4x

step 3: To begin faster NF4x reads on iOS, find the “Scanning Credential Types” label and tap.

iScanBrowser iOS NF4x Credential Select 03 SDM NF4x select Scanning Credential Type

Defaults you will see all the credential types enabled.

iScanBrowser iOS NF4x Credential Select 04 SDM NF4x Credential Types all enabled

Next you will tap “Deselect All LF Tags” and “Deselect All HF Tags” as shown

iScanBrowser iOS NF4x Credential Select 05 SDM NF4x Credential Types deselect all LF and HF

You will have faster NF4x reads on iOS by selecting only the credential types your NF4x badge reader should identify. In this example, only “HID Prox” badge type is selected.

iScanBrowser iOS NF4x Credential Select 06 SDM NF4x enable only HID PROX Credential Type

Finally, tap “idChamp® NF4” label in upper-left to apply the new settings.

Now scan your HID Prox badge, and notice faster NF4x badge reads on iOS. For example will help you speed up muster check-in at rally points during an emergency using stratus-io Time & Attendance.

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