How does SerialMagic licensing work?

When you purchase a SerialMagic license key, you will receive a license token. The license token is used with your device’s (iOS/Android/Mac/Windows) hardware ID to generate a license key specific to your device. This license key is valid for one device (computer or mobile device); if you have multiple devices that you want to use with SerialMagic, you must purchase multiple licenses.

Many of our genuine Serialio scanners have an embedded license that allows you to use that scanner on any SerialMagic-supported platform without purchasing a license key (or requiring any additional setup, such as license key generation). If you need to use a non-Serialio-purchased scanner with SerialMagic, you must purchase a license key for each platform/device you intend to use it on.

To learn how to get your device ID to activate an installation, visit the links below: