What is SerialMagic?

SerialMagic is a versatile cross-platform program that allows you to use nearly any Bluetooth, USB, or RS-232 device that uses Serial Port Profile (SPP) to send data into virtually any application. Furthermore, SerialMagic allows for various automation techniques, such as string manipulation (include control characters) and device configuration. The SerialMagic product line consists of SerialMagic Professional for desktop operating systems (Mac OS X and Windows), SerialMagic Gears for Android, and SerialMagic Keys for iOS. SerialMagic programs allow data entry from many Bluetooth barcode, RFID, and NFC scanners into applications that accept data input from keyboards, keypads, and soft keyboards. SerialMagic Professional also enables fast and powerful integration with other applications and works with legacy RS-232 serial devices (including those connected via Bluetooth RS-232 modules).