Quorum Meeting Attendance – Instant Quorum Notification

Quorum Meeting Attendance - Get Instant Quorum Notification

First you need in quorum in meeting attendance. Additionally, your tired of the hassle of getting attendance at your meetings to verify you have a quorum. Furthermore you know you must have a quorum to enable voting and other meeting activities that require a quorum. Finally you spend a significant part of the meeting with the hassle of finding out you have a quorum. Solve your headache with Cloud-In-Hand Stratus-io Time and Attendance instant quorum notification.

Quorum Meeting Attendance Get Instant Quorum Notification

Setup Your Quorum Alert

Setup the details for your Quorum Alert on your account. First set the quorum parameters:

  • Type of notification: SMS / Email
  • Threshold for notification: Number of check-ins, Percentage of attendees present
  • Notification condition: e.g. 70% attendees present
  • Notification Recipients: who gets notified
  • Content for Notification: What the quorum notification says

Setup Event Meeting Roster - Assign Quorum Alert

First, for your quorum meeting attendance, you make an Event and assign roster of attendees. In this example, the quorum notification SMS/TEXT will be sent when 60% of meeting attendees are present.

Instant Voting Meeting Quorum Notification

Now assign meeting members the ‘Rules Committee Meeting’ Event here ten roster members assigned.

Instant Voting Meeting Quorum Notification Roster


Quorum Notices Sent During Meeting Check-In

First your meeting starts and people scan their badges as they check-in to the meeting. Check-in with idChamp® brand family of RFID-NFC badge readers, like the popular idChamp RS4x.

The idChamp® RS4x offers support for all HID Mobile Access® solutions including employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet.

When you need to scan badges with barcodes, use the Scanfob® PX20 barcode scanner. As people check-in to the meeting, quorum notification is sent when the quorum condition is met.

First you see quorum meeting attendance notifications are sent to all Stratus-io Apps that are logged in to the meeting account. Here you see instant quorum notice sent to iOS.

Instant Quorum is met notice sent to iOS iPad

Second,  you see instant quorum notice sent to Android.

Instant Quorum is met notice Android

Finally, you see the quorum notice notice sent as defined by the Quorum Alert, in this case SMS/TEXT quorum message.

Meeting Quorum SMS TEXT Notice

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