SerialMagic Pro API Windows Support

SerialMagic provides data as keystrokes without any programming.

Sometimes it may be desired to directly integrate with the SerialMagic engine to a particular application in order to more closely support the connected barcode scanner RFID reader, barcode scanner, scale, sensor or other input device. This is the purpose of the SerialMagic Professional Windows API.

Because the programming models vary from platform to platform, the SerialMagic API will be somewhat different from platform to platform. Yet for all platforms the SerialMagic API is designed to be very simple and easy to use to mirror the simple and easy to use SerialMagic application.

Note: SerialMagic Windows engine API interface is supported only on SerialMagic Professional Windows Application.

The information on the page is presented for software developers and those who understand software development, and is provided without support.

Note: SerialMagic API for BlackBerry, Palm OS, J2ME have been deprecated. If you have a need please contact us.