How to Use SerialMagic Professional Action Profiles to Clip Data

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use SerialMagic Professional’s Action Profiles feature to automatically clip data. For this demonstration, we are using SerialMagic Professional for Windows 10.

1. Click on “Action Profiles Manager.”

2. Right-click within the SerialMagic Action Profile Manager window and select “Add Profile.”

3. Name the new profile something that makes sense. Then add a short description before clicking “OK” to save.

4. You can save the Action Profile is one of two ways. Select “Save” if you will only be using this workflow on the current desktop.

Select “Save As…” if you plan to deploy this workflow to other installations of SerialMagic Professional.

5. Once the Action profile is saved, you will see it at the bottom of the “Profiles” list within the SerialMagic Action Profiles Manager window.

Select it to reveal the “Actions” tab for this profile.

6. Click on the “Actions” tab for the profile you created. You can add an action or a pattern by right-clicking within the white area of the window. For this tutorial, select “Add Action.”

7. The Add Action window allows you to select a pre-defined action from a drop-down menu. For this tutorial, we are using the “Clip” action.

8. For this tutorial, we are going to program the Action profile to clip the last two characters from each scan (original data, not pre-manipulated). Review the settings, then click “OK.”

9. You have another chance to review the action within the Action Profile Manager.

Click “Done,” then “Save.”