How to setup the idChamp 1126/1128 with SerialMagic Professional for Windows

This support article will show you how to configure SerialMagic Professional for Windows for use with the idChamp UHF 1126/1128. This tutorial is applicable to both the idChamp UHF 1126 desktop scanner and the idChamp UHF 1128 scanner.

1. Plug your idChamp 1126/1128 into your Windows PC via the micro USB cable that came with it in the box.

2. Download and install SerialMagic Professional for Windows if you have not already done so.

3. Launch SerialMagic Professional and click on “Add” to add a new connection.

4. Select “Cabled Connection.”

5. Select the image of the idChamp UHF 1126/1128, then click “Next.”

6. Select the COM port that Windows assigned to your idChamp 1126/1128, then click “Next.”

7. Select how the idChamp UHF 1126/1128 will be used. For this tutorial, we selected “Like a keyboard, data posted to cursor location.” Click “Next.”

8. SerialMagic will display, “Input device was setup successfully.” Click “Finish.”

9. Once on the main screen of SerialMagic Professional, click on “Start.”

10. SerialMagic Pro will background itself (this is OK). Open an application that accepts text-input. For the tutorial, we chose Notepad.

11. Click inside Notepad (so that the cursor is focused there) and scan a UHF tag with your idChamp 1126/1128.

12. The tag’s data will be inserted into the cursor location!