How to switch Bluetooth modes on the Scanfob qID Mini

This article demonstrates how to switch Bluetooth modes on the Scanfob qID mini UHF reader. Note: The Scanfob qID must be unpaired from any devices before switching the Bluetooth mode.

1. Access the main menu by holding down the scan button within two seconds of powering on the qID. There are four main menu options; PROFILE, BEEP, VIBRATE, and POWER. You can scroll through menu options by quickly pressing the scan button.

2. Select “PROFILE” by holding down the scan button once “PROFILE” is highlighted/selected to access the Bluetooth profile options.

Once at on the PROFILE options, you’ll notice that the active Bluetooth profile is indicated by an asterisk.

The Scanfob qID Mini has three Bluetooth profile options.

  1. HID (Keyboard Simulation)
  3. MFi (Made For iOS)

3. To activate a different profile, scroll through the PROFILE menu until the desired profile is highlighted/selected.

4. Hold down the scan button until the selected profile begins to flash. Once the new profile is set, you will be sent back to the main menu.

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