How to setup SerialMagic Keys to allow idChamp A9 triggers outside of SerialMagic Gears

This article is for customers using the idChamp A9 triggers with SerialMagic Gears to scan into another Android application. Follow the instructions below to learn how to enable this feature. Note: This feature is only available with SerialMagic Gears version 1.31.75 or later. If SerialMagic Keys is already enabled and set as your default keyboard, skip to “Enable SerialMagic Gears Accessibility.”

Enable SerialMagic Keys Keyboard

The first step is to enable the SerialMagic Keys keyboard and set it as the default input method. Note: You may receive an alert that SerialMagic Keys is not enabled. If this is the case, use the “ENABLE” button to enable SerialMagic Keys and skip to step four.

1. Access the SerialMagic Gears settings by tapping on “Settings” from the sidebar menu.

2. Tap on the option labeled “SerialMagic Keys.”

3. Tap on the slider to the far-right of “SerialMagic Keys” to enable SerialMagic Keys. Afterward, your screen should look like the image below.

4. You will likely receive an alert notifying you that SerialMagic Keys is not currently your default keyboard. To change this, tap on “OPEN SETTINGS” (which will take you to the Android “Language & Input Settings”).

5. Beneath “Keyboard & input methods,” tap on “Current Keyboard” and select “SerialMagic Keys.”

6. Afterward, you should see “SerialMagic Keys” beneath “Current Keyboard” (as shown in the image below).

SerialMagic Keys is now your default keyboard! 

Enable SerialMagic Gears Accessibility 

Next, you must enable accessibility options for SerialMagic Gears. Note that you will have to re-enable accessibility options every time you update or uninstall/reinstall SerialMagic Gears.

1. launch the Android Settings app and navigate to “Accessibility.” You’ll see “SerMagic Gears” beneath the Services section — tap on “SerMagic Gears.”

2. Now, toggle the slider to turn SerMagic Gears Accessibility Service ON.

3. Accept the alert to “use SerMagic Gears” by tapping “OK.”

4. Your screen should now look like the image below (with SerMagic gears ON).

5. Tap on the back button and you’ll see that “On” is now displayed beneath SerMagic Gears