How to configure the idChamp RS3 to read a specific bit count

This support article demonstrates the configuration settings required to accurately read iClass cards of various bit counts. If you are using or planning to use the idChamp RS3 with iClass cards with a bit count other than 26, this article is for you.

To accurately read cards with bit counts other than 26, you need to adjust the idChamp RS3’s configuration appropriately. There are three methods for configuring the idChamp RS3; with a Windows PC and the pcProx Configuration utility, with an Android device and the RS3-NFC Setup App, with an iOS device and the RS3-NFC Setup App. All three methods implement the same configurations settings, albeit with a different GUI (graphical user interface.) As an example, this article provides instructions on how to configure the idChamp RS3 for use with a 37 bit Prox card.

By default, the idChamp RS3 is shipped with the following configuration:

Card TypeProx
Card Bit Count26
Leading Parity Bit Count1
Trailing Parity Bit Count1
FAC Bit Count8
ID Number Bit Count16

The configuration required to read a 37 bit Prox card is shown below.

Card TypeProx
Card Bit Count37
Leading Parity Bit Count1
Trailing Parity Bit Count1
FAC Bit Count16
ID Number Bit Count19

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