How to remove idChamp RS3 keystroke delimiters on iOS

This support article demonstrates how to remove keystroke delimiters from the idChamp RS3 Dual Engine RFID Reader with the RS3-NFC Setup application for iOS. This tutorial assumes that you have already installed the RS3-NFC Setup application for iOS. If you have not already done so, please do so now.

Adjust the DIP Switches for BLE Mode

You must set the idChamp RS3’s DIP switches to BLE mode in order to adjust the configuration with the RS3-NFC Setup application for iOS. To see how to do this, click here. Once the RS3 is in BLE mode, you can continue to the next section of this tutorial.

Remove Keystroke Delimiters

1. Power on the idChamp RS3.

2. Launch the RS3-NFC Setup application.

3. Pair the idChamp RS3 with the RS3-NFC Setup application.

4. Tap on the tab labeled “Last character after card ID.”

5. Set the Termination Keystroke to “NONE” (the first option).

6. Tap “Pick” (located at the upper-right of the popup).

7. Tap “Apply” (located at the top right-hand corner).