Set Battery-Unit idChamp RS3 in ‘Always On’ Mode (Post August 2019)

NOTE: RS3 Has been discontinued. See the RS3x
These instructions are for units built after August 2019. These units will have a white UART connector on the PCB board next to banks S4 and S5

Getting Started

To prepare your idChamp RS3 for ‘Always On’ mode, follow the instructions below. 

You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver and a paper clip or small tool for changing the DIP switches. In order to access all DIP switches, you’ll need to remove the outside case entirely. You can do this by removing the lid, turning the unit over, and gently tapping it out into your hand. 

Use the DIP switch table at the end of this page for reference.

Note: After completing this change, it will be impossible to turn the unit off with the white button

Note: If you are having issues with your idChamp RS3 in BLE mode, it could be that the BLE module is in an unexpected state. To reset the BLE module, toggle DIP switch #4 on bank S3. You can also use S3-4 to turn off the BLE module while in HID or SPP mode.


1. Power off your RS3 and take it out of its enclosure by unscrewing the four screws, then lifting the lid.

2. Locate the DIP switch banks labeled “S4” and “S5” along the long edge. Change switch 2 on bank S4 to ON

3. Power on your RS3.

idChamp RS3-HSE diagram